The power in connecting with your tribe

I’m probably the only goofball that takes a vacation day from my full time “day job” so I can use that day to work on my business. Yes, you read that right – I took a day off of “work” to work.

However, this was a must attend event for me. I needed a kick in the pants to get fired up about The Creative Cajun and boy did I get it! The 2 day workshop featured lectures and small group coaching time with 4 very successful mentors. The event was named “2×4 Live” (2 days with 4 mentors). No, it’s not a piece of lumber – I know how you Cajun folks think…

While the presentations and small group coaching sessions from the mentors was remarkably helpful, I also want to emphasize another crucial part of the weekend: connecting with the other entrepreneurs at the conference. Many of these individuals were members in a small business organization geared toward bath & body brands (Indie Business Network) and I’d seen the success of their brands over the last year since joining IBN. I was intimidated. Some of these individuals own multiple brands, have authored books, have wildly successful businesses. How was I going to fit in with them when The Creative Cajun is just joining the party?

All my fears were unfounded when they welcomed me with open arms, loads of advice and heaps of support. In my soul, I knew that I needed to go to this conference the moment it was announced. I knew it was what I needed to get my passion back for this business. I had high expectations for the weekend, but my actual experience there exceeded those expectations 10-fold.

2x4 2016 Event Attendees
2×4 2016 Event Attendees

One of the biggest lessons I learned from meeting these fellow entrepreneurs is how important it is to connect with others who are in a similar place in their lives. I believe that many of us realize the power of connection with others who have a common bond. We instantly connect with others from South Louisiana or those who have ties to the Cajun culture. There’s an instant, undeniable bond.

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It was like that last weekend in Nashville. We could joke about mistakes that we’ve made, assumptions we had about starting our own businesses or give words of encouragement for those struggling through a tough time.

The conference was only 2 days, but we bonded with one another almost instantly. A few of us were still in town on Saturday evening and we headed to a restaurant for dinner. We were joking with one another like we’d known each other for years and I quipped to our server “Can you believe that we all met each other YESTERDAY?” and he thought I was kidding. I will forever feel connected to the men & women I met last weekend. Their brands, blogs and journeys will remain in my mind as I journey down my path with The Creative Cajun.

What events or groups have fostered your greatest connections in your life?

Share your experiences with the magic of connecting with others below. I’d love to read your stories!



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