At The Creative Cajun, you’ll find stories of growing up in Cajun country, tips on how a Cajun girl living in Atlanta stays in touch with her culture and how I’m creating a life that I love.

Hello, I’m Desiree. I was raised on rice + gravy near Lafayette, LA. I moved to Atlanta after graduating from LSU. It was at that time that I began to realize and treasure my Cajun roots. I refer to Cajun country as that wonderful little gumbo pot of friendliness, happiness, stellar cuisine and genuine, authentic love. One of the most empowering lessons is that I can carry my “joie de vivre” with me wherever I go. You can take the girl out of Cajun country, but I’m unapologetically Cajun – and proud of it.

I’ll never forget taking a class on living my life’s purpose and realizing that I love writing, photography and sharing my stories. I live an inspired, passion filled life that I love sharing with my readers. You’re welcome to live vicariously through my stories. I’ll share inspiration for you to live your best life and show you how I was able to use the resilience from my Cajun culture to propel me into a life that is exciting, purpose driven and full of passion.

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