Lagniappe Shop

What happens with you have an insanely creative person, with an arsenal of crafty skills and way too many ideas? You end up expressing your creativity by experimenting with techniques in a variety of mediums. This experimentation results in many test products – some that turn out brilliantly! The trouble is – I don’t need all of these fun products. My solution: the lagniappe shop!

As a naturally creative person, I love to try new techniques and learn new skills. The items in the shop were made to satisfy my creative energy, but will likely never become part of my permanent product lines. The great part is that you’ll be able to snag one of a kind products that were made as a result of my crafty mad science experiments. I urge you to take a look and consider giving these beauties a permanent home.

What’s with this “Lagniappe” business?

Lagniappe is a Cajun expression meaning “a little something extra”. The items in the shop are a little something extra to our permanent product line, but may never be created en masse via our standard production process.

What might you find in the lagniappe shop?

My latest creative streak has been scouring thrift stores for bland white cotton and linen skirts. I rescue them from their ho-hum existence and breathe new life into them by dyeing them fun, happy colors. The dyes I use is a permanent fabric dye that will not wash out or fade like some brands. This began as a fun experiment and has turned into a great source of entertainment and creative expression for me. I hope you enjoy some of these unique, one of a kind skirts.



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