Custom Cajun nail polishes with Handmade Beauty Box

I’m not a girly girl. Not in the least bit. I hated wearing dresses as a child and I rarely have a manicure. It’s just not something I make time for in my life. However, when I heard that Handmade Beauty Box (a monthly subscription box that sends a ready made project to your door each month) had a nail polish kit for sale, I jumped on the chance to order one. I’d missed out on the nail polish kit last year and I wasn’t going to let that happen again. After creating my custom nail polishes, I sat down on Sunday night and took the time to give myself a nice manicure with my newly created nail polish.

My nails polished with my custom pale purple nail polish

My nails polished with my custom pale purple nail polish

Handmade Beauty Boxes can be be purchased as a monthly subscription or you may order from a limited number of individual kits (“Singles”) for sale after the project is mailed to regular subscribers.

The box arrived late last week and I was delighted to find everything I needed included in the kit – all packaged and ready to go. They even include pre-printed labels for your projects!

Custom pre-printed labels

Each Handmade Beauty Box kit provides custom printed labels for the items you create.

I sat down Sunday afternoon and started making my nail polishes. The kit comes with a few different colored micas – all tested to ensure they work well with the nail polish base that was included. Since I make soap, I also had a stash of micas in my soap supplies that I was willing to try. Some micas work well in the nail polish base and others do not. The great thing about the Handmade Beauty Box kits is that all of the ingredients + recipes have been tested and are fool proof. You’re not going to waste time + money on supplies for a project that flops.

In true Creative Cajun fashion, I took the provided kit and put my own little “Cajun” spin on the products I created.

The first nail polish I made was a deep purple color that I named “Purple Pizzaz”. I mixed 3 scoops of Cellini Blue Mica and 4 scoops of Cellini Red mica to achieve a nice, deep purple color. I was so excited to have a true “LSU” purple that I headed to my soap supply cabinet and dug up a glorious gold mica and dumped it into another polish bottle. I was taking a chance by deviating from the kit, but my gamble paid off. Soon, I had both purple and gold polishes. I texted my sister (also an LSU alumni) a photo of my purple + gold bottles so she could be jealous of my custom made nail polishes. Hey, it’s what little sisters do – right?

Custom purple + gold nail polish

LSU Purple + Gold colored nail polish

In addition to the Purple Pizzaz + flashy gold polishes, I also made “Pink Berry” (5 scoops of Fired Up Fuschia Pigment + 5 scoops of Super Pearly White Mica) and a Pale Purple (4 scoops of Fired Up Fuschia + 3 Cellini Blue Mica + 3 scoops of Super Pearly White Mica).

I love the idea behind Handmade Beauty Box. I’ve recommended this gift idea to husbands needing great ideas for Mother’s day gifts, birthdays and the like. I think a Handmade Beauty Box subscription (or even a few singles kits) would be the perfect gift of quality time and a fun project for any mother + daughter or group of girlfriends.

Think of the memories you’ll make when you spend quality time with one another, making custom body care products. In the past few years, I’ve focused more on making memories rather than accumulating “stuff” and I think the gift of a Handmade Beauty Box kit does just that – it’s not just about the products you make, but in the memories you’ll create while doing so.

*NOTE: I was not compensated by Handmade Beauty Box for this post or product recommendation. I’m simply posting this review as a happy customer to support their business.



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