The August 2016 Bayou Book Club selection is here…

Our next selection for the Bayou Book Club is here!

What’s the Bayou Book Club? It’s a virtual book club where we read and discuss books that are related to the Cajun culture. Members are given 6 weeks to read each book club selection and then we meet via conference call to discuss our favorite portions from the book selection. I created the Bayou Book club because I love reading books that remind me of my Cajun roots. I’ve always enjoyed reading books about the Cajun culture, it’s one of my favorite ways to learn about our history and to stay connected with the spirit of the Cajun culture.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been sampling books to come up with a great selection after our inaugural book club call to discuss “Bayou Farewell” by Mike Tidwell. Mr. Tidwell is such an excellent storyteller, that I had trouble coming up with another great book selection, but I think I found a gem that y’all are going to love!

Bayou Book Club August 2016: Atchafalaya Houseboat by Gwen Roland

Bayou Book Club August 2016: Atchafalaya Houseboat

The next Bayou Book Club selection is “Atchafalaya Houseboat: My Years in the Louisiana Swamp” by Gwen Roland. (Yes, it’s available on kindle, too!)

I’ve already read the first few chapters so far and it’s a great story about Gwen and her friend Calvin who build and live on a houseboat in the Atchafalaya basin in the 1970’s. There was also a PBS special that was filmed and aired on Louisiana Public Broadcasting, where the author spoke of her experience living on the houseboat for nearly a decade.

This book spoke to me for several reasons: I see myself as someone who is very environmentally conscious and in awe of our natural surroundings. I want to learn more about Mrs. Roland’s experience of living in the swamp. I want to hear of her experiences and adaptation of living in the wilderness. Living this is a way of life that we are so disconnected from in today’s society. Many people would never entertain the idea of a weekend of camping without electricity much less 10 years living on in a remote, swampy area with no electricity, running potable water or  air conditioning. I mean, really – how could this story NOT be fascinating!?!?!?

I truly hope you’ll be as enthralled by this story line as I am and that you’ll join us for our Bayou Book Club call on Sunday, August 21st at 9PM Eastern time.

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